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This page outlines the steps for utilizing Foyer's syndication service
The Foyer syndication system allows you to receive changes to followed listings. The api endpoints are outlined in detail below. You can elect to receive realtime notifications, as outlined below, or use our refreshAllListings endpoint to check for updates as desired.
Push Notifications
In order to receive realtime notifications of changes to listings available to your account, we require a URL of the form that accepts a query parameter of listing='ListingKey').The URL provided to your system in the query parameter can then be used to make a network request back to our server for the listing data in standard RESO format.
Make sure to include your valid authorization token in the request header when querying our Property endpoint. See Authorization in the sidebar for more details
You can provide your notification URL during sign-up as the notify body parameter or at a later time using the updateNotify endpoint outlined below.
Publisher Sign Up
Be sure to save the authorization token in the response header and include it when making API requests.
Publisher Update Notification URL
Get a listing in RESO format
See the Data Dictionary for more information on RESO format
Refresh all listings
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